Philadelphia Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Discusses PA As A Top State For Dog Bites

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A new report released by State Farm Insurance reveals the top states for dog bites. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania makes the list. New Jersey’s neighbor, New York, also tops the list of the states with the highest number of dog bites. The report also features some alarming statistics about dog bite cases, adds Rand Spear New Jersey and Philadelphia dog bite lawyer.[2]

Stats from the State Farm Dog Bite Report

According to the report, State Farm has seen a 15 percent jump in dog bite claims in just a one-year period. In 2016, State Farm said it paid out over $121 million for over 3,600 dog bite claims.

The report also lists the top 10 states for dog-related injury claims:

  • California – 433 claims
  • Illinois – 323 claims
  • Ohio – 211 claims
  • Pennsylvania – 200 claims
  • Texas – 168 claims
  • Michigan – 167 claims
  • New York – 156 claims
  • Indiana – 137 claims
  • Georgia – 125 claims
  • Minnesota – 122 claims

Tips for Staying Safe Around Dogs

The report also offers advice from a canine expert on how to stay safe around dogs. Tips include:

  • Familiarize yourself with canine “body language” – Dog expressions and behaviors aren’t always the same as the expressions and reactions humans use. For example, a dog yawning may not be a sign of tiredness. Instead, it’s usually an indication that a dog is annoyed.
  • Give dogs plenty of space – Animals can feel threatened when they’re crowded. Let a dog choose to be near you — not the other way around.
  • Treat dogs humanely – Dogs that are well treated are less likely to lash out. Never use physical punishment, pain, or fear as a training method.

Dog trainers point out that 65 percent of American households have a dog. If you’re a dog owner, it’s important to be a responsible one. Invest in obedience training, and make sure that any children in your household or family know how to safely interact with your dog. Parents of young children should also take time to teach their kids about dog safety — something that’s important regardless of whether their household has a dog.

Rand Spear a Philadelphia dog bite lawyer[3] explains, “Many people treat their dogs like family members. Dogs may be ‘man’s best friend,’ but they are still animals. They have instincts, and when they’re frightened or in pain, they react instinctively. Responsible dog owners always make sure that their pets are properly trained and kept on a leash or inside a closed fence when they’re outside.”

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