Dog Bite Resources

Dog bites are a serious problem in the Chicago Metropolitan area and all throughout northeast Illinois. Any dog bite to a human or other animal is the responsibility of the dog’s owner while off their premises. This site provides valuable resources on how to handle dog bites in the community.

Northeast Illinois has a variety of animal control ordinances and the various counties that make up the Chicago Metropolitan area. Below are resources for properly maintaining and assuming responsibility of a dog in your community. This includes what steps to take in the event of a dog bite[1]. In addition, this resource site offers links to dog bite prevention steps to maximize public health along with emergency care, and the welfare of the animal.

Dog Bite Resources

Preventing Dog Bites

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)[2] – This CDC site offers extensive information involving dog bites including those at risk, how they can be prevented, and injury response. In addition, it provides valuable tools to teach children the most basic dog prevention safety tips, and steps to take before bringing a dog into the household.

The Humane Society[3] – This link provides valuable info and videos on effective the steps to avoid a dog bite including understanding a dog’s body language. The site provides tips on things you can do if you believe a dog might bite you along with what to do should you be attacked or bitten. The site offers valuable basic steps to prevent a dog bite, and provides the best ways to teach a dog how to behave. You can learn ways to avoid stressful situations, which might antagonize your pet.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)[4] – Link to this site for extensive info on dog bite prevention including “animalessons” with teaching instructions for younger and older children. The site also includes an activity sheet designed to allow the child to describe how to handle risky situations involving a dog at home, on the street, or other location.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)[5] – This site provides prevention tips and information provided by plastic surgeons performing reconstructive microsurgery on victims of dog bite injuries of every age. In addition, it provides valuable information on how to stop a bleeding bite wound before and during transporting the victim to an emergency room or doctor’s office.

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)[6] – This link provides pertinent information about what to do to prevent dog bites. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides info on how to socialize and train the dog, along with steps to take to restrain the animal if the dog bites or threatens anyone.

Laws, Ordinance & Statutes

Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes[7] – Click the link here information on Illinois compiled statutes concerning animal attacks. This relevant part of the Illinois Animal Controls Act outlines the legal connection of liability through civil action when attacked by a dog without provocation. In addition, the site provides information on steps to take in any case involving rabies, and how any court order on the animal will be handled.

Kane County Animal Control Ordinance[8] – Click here to be redirected to the Animal Control Ordinance of Kane County, which outlines dog owner responsibility and animal care, along with effective controls for stray dogs and handling rabies. In addition, the site outlines municipal powers, dog owner liability and animal owner rights.

Village of Palatine Animal Ordinance Regulations[9] – This link will redirect you to the animal ordinance in the Village of Palatine with detailed descriptions of ordinance subcategories including cruelty to animals, animal control, and dog bites. This includes a Rabies Observation Period where a veterinarian must monitor a dog. This quarantine ordinance period includes the family dog biting household members.

State of Illinois Dangerous Dog Law[10] – A new law toughening the already severe penalties of any dangerous or vicious dog owner was passed in May 2006. Link here to read the official state of Illinois news concerning the press release on the day the governor signed the legislation. The site outlines the definition of a vicious or dangerous dog as a direct threat to public safety.

Dog Bite Breed Facts

National Canine Research Council[11] – This links to the website that identifies interesting co-occurring factors that could potentially prevent dog bites from happening. Surprisingly, the breed of dog was not one of the major factors identified as a major threat to dog bites. The site also provides a whole host of methods that can lead to optimal dog bite prevention including responsible pet ownership and proper training.

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